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Williams high score patches released!

By popular request, I patched all of the 'classic' williams games to allow you to fill the entire high score list with your initials rather than being limited to 5 entries. More information and links to the romsets can be found here.

The new PCBs are here!

I just got my new designs back from the fabricator, thus the following products will be for sale soon:
40 Dragon's Lair / Space Ace Scoreboards
20 Space Ace conversion annunciator boards
20 Stern user interface boards (Cliffhanger, etc)
20 Stern video multiplexer boards (Cliffhanger, etc)
40 JAMMA fingerboards with integrated audio amps
20 Discrete audio amps boards

Still remeaning from the previous run:
LV2001 Wells-Gardner K6100 low voltage replacmeent kits
Taito NVRAM high score save kits (for Zookeeper, etc)
Pacman daughterboards (sync-bus controllers, VRAM addressers)
Quantum to Tempest adapters
Millipede to Centipede adapters
Centipede to Millipede adapters
Various JAMMA adapters
Standard fingerboards

For Sale / Wanted

Custom and Reproduction Arcade PCBs (including JAMMA fingerboards) [html]

JAMMA Adapters For Sale

JAMMA adapters are made to order. $45 covers most standard 1-edge connector adapters. Adapters with more connectors or external circuitry (audio amplifer, sync combining, sync inversion, video inversion, joystick to trakball conversion) cost extra. Power is run in 16ga solid wire for support, and other signals are run in color coded 20ga wire. They end up looking something like this: [jpg][jpg]

*NEW* Williams to JAMMA adapters: $85

Spares currently "in stock":

  • Sega Frogger (22 pin)
  • Sega System 16 (factory conversion board with test/volume panel)
  • Sega System 16 (bare PCB)
  • Konami to Nintendo (with video inverter)
  • Pacman/Galaxian to Jamma (hardwired)
  • Konami to Jamma (hardwired)
  • Galaga to Jamma (hardwired)
  • Irem to Jamma (hardwired, Moon Patrol and others)
  • Universal to Jamma (hardwired, Mr. Do and others)

Arcade PCBs For Sale

Most recent list, with qty and pricing
  • Centipede
  • Crystal Castles
  • Dig Dug
  • Eagle
  • Galaxian
  • Galaga
  • Jr. Pacman
  • Karate Champ
  • Kung Fu Master
  • Mat Mania
  • Moon Cresta
  • Mr Do!
  • Mr Do's Castle
  • Ms. Pacman
  • Pacman
  • Pengo
  • Roc 'n' Rope
  • Super Basketball
  • Super Pacman
  • Tank Battalion
  • Tetris (Atari)

Upright Williams Defender

(Traded for High Speed II)
  • Game is fully working in original cabinet
  • Cabinet is near-mint, with two small mars on one side
  • Freshly recapped monitor
  • Nice monitor plexi
  • Nice marquee
  • NOS CPO and buttons

Upright Atari Dig Dug

(Traded for Gorf Cabaret)
  • Game is fully working in original cabinet
  • Some scrapes in the right side.
  • Nice control panel
  • Freshly recapped monitor
  • Nice monitor glass
  • Nice marquee

Upright Atari Kangaroo

(Traded for Tetris Cabaret)
  • Game is fully working in original cabinet
  • Almost perfect side art
  • Nice control panel
  • Freshly recapped monitor
  • Nice monitor glass
  • Nice marquee
  • Minor "Motorace USA" screenburn
Cabaret Midway Omega Race
  • Game is fully working in original cabinet
  • Freshly recapped monitor
  • Nice control panel
  • Some flaking on monitor glass
  • Nice marquee
Cocktail Midway Pacman
  • Game is fully working in original cabinet
  • Freshly recapped monitor
  • Repro control panel overlays applied
  • Repro topglass underlay
  • Wired for JAMMA, with a Pacman to JAMMA adapter
Cocktail Midway Ms. Pacman
  • Game is fully working in original cabinet
  • Freshly recapped monitor
  • Very nice original control panel overlays
  • Very nice original topglass underlay
  • All new power wiring (including switcher, fuseblocks, ISO)
My entire VAPS list [html]
Most stuff isn't really for sale, but if you offer me enough, who knows ;)
Arcade Auction Information
Auction Game Sales

Arcade Auction Information

Arcade Game Manual and Schematic Scans

  • Arcade Game PCB Pinouts (many) [directory]
  • Atari Asteroids Manual + Schematics [directory]
  • Atari Centipede Manual + Schematics [directory]
  • Nichibutsu Crazy Climber Manual + Schematics [pdf]
  • Atari Dig Dug Schematics [pdf]
  • Atari Missile Command Manual [pdf]
  • Centuri Phoenix Manual + Schematics [pdf]
  • Nintendo Radarscope Schematics [pdf]
  • Midway Super Pacman Schematics [pdf]
  • Konami Time Pilot '84 Schematics [pdf]
  • Midway Tron Schematics [pdf]
  • The frightful unsorted directory [directory]
Arcade Game Monitor Information

Monitor Capkit Instructions (many) [directory]
Monitor Troubleshooting Flowcharts (many) [pdf]
Electrohome G07 Schematics [jpg]
Electrohome G07 Troubleshooting Flowchart [jpg] [pdf]
Wells-Gardner K4600 Troubleshoorting Flowchart [pdf]
Wells-Gardner K4900 Manual [pdf]
Wells-Gardner K4900 Schematics [jpg] Revision A [jpg]
Wells-Gardner K4900 Troubleshoorting Flowchart [pdf]


The Official ROMIdent page [html] ROMIdent page [html]
ROMIdent for DOS (binary) [zip]
ROMIdent for DOS (source) [zip]
ROMIdent for Unix / Linux (source + Linux binary) [tgz]
It was ported by me, so you know it's good ;)
ROMIdent Game Database (needed for all of the above) [zip]

Free Tech Info
(This section is pretty raw, but info is more important than format)

Arcade PCB pinouts [dir]
Arcade game custom chip PDFs and pinouts [dir]
Partially commented arcade ROM disassemblies and notes [dir]
CPU Information 'cards' [dir]
Arcade PCB repair logs [dir]
Arcade PCB hacks (some pretty scary stuff!) [dir]